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Realising Possibilities

With 1000+ PwDs impacted in just 1 year, we continue to work with brands that champion Diversity & Inclusion. Here we present to you some of them as case studies.
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why work with us

120+ Brands have started their Atypical Journey

As India's largest integrated platform for the generation of livelihood with dignity for Persons with Disabilities, brands across India and the world love working with us.

Whether you want to increase your inclusion quotient or achieve your diversity goals, we've got you covered on all fronts.

  • Diverse applicant pool
  • End to end solutions
  • Support livelihood with dignity
  • Encourage PwDs to pursue their passions

Brands That Trust Us

Tata Steel, Amazon
Accenture, Arvind Limited
Tata Consultancy Services, Brookfield Properties
Isaca, Indegene
Edelweiss Tokio, Thoughtworks
Eureka Forbes, Extra Mile
Renew Power, Synchrony
Burger King, UNDP
Vacker, Anarock
Social Venture Partners, Cybage

Latest Collaborations

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case studies

Designing Inclusive Brands

Screenshot from ad where Tarini is saying


Amazon Alexa hired Tarini, a 16 year old model with learning disability for their ad film "Alexa for everyone".

screenshot from ad film featuring our model Sachin

Being Progressive

Arvind Limited hired Sachin, a model with locomotor disability, for their ad film celebrating International Day of PwDs.

Image showing 3 commissioned artworks by 3 different artists with disabilities

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Brookefield Properties commissioned 10 artworks made by Artists with disabilities on the theme "gratitude" for their offices.

Commissioned artworks on display at Design Cafe Bangalore

Showcase your values

Design Cafe commissioned artworks from 8 Artists on the autism spectrum, asking them to paint what "Home" meant to them.

artist with autism at a pepperfry event

Be the change you want to see

Pepperfry invited 10 Artists with disabilities, across 10 of their stores, to express what freedom, ahead of Republic day 2022.

Screenshot from ad film where Somiya is translating in sign language

Communicate inclusion

The Man Company hired Somiya, a sign language interpreter, to feature in an inclusive version of their ad film "Gentleman tum hi toh ho yaar".

Did you know?

Inclusive companies achieve 28% higher revenue, double the net income and 30% higher profit margins.

With 1 billion PwDs in the world, you can access an untapped talent pool by putting emphasis on skills rather than stereotypes.

Companies with greater diversity in the workforce are 70% more likely to capture more markets.

What Brands Have To Say


The paintings turned out to be beautiful. Each painting comes with a message. We are glad to have partnered with Atypical Advantage."

- Neelu Chandni, AVP at GIC (Singapore)



"As we go through life, we tend to forget gratitude. But this performance today reminds us of the human spirit, reminds us of family.  I wish we had broadcasted this to all 4500 employees."

- Andy Ponneri, SVP at Synchrony India


"This collaboration on World Disability Day helped us gain a new perspective on PwDs & we discovered that sometimes all they need is our love, support & attention."

- Sonika Jha, Corp Comm at Renew Power


Possibilities are endless

vineet saraiwala
Vineet Saraiwala

Founder, Atypical Advantage

Performing Artists to Inclusive Hiring, How Brands Are Harnessing Atypical Advantage

Firsts of Many!

Vinita was the first person on the autistic spectrum to secure a corporate position at Amazon, among the 40+ PwDs that were hired by the corporation.

Conversation Starters

GIC, a global investment firm, hired three talented artists to create pieces of art for their offices that reflected their core beliefs.


Helping Train AI

TransPerfect built a richer diversity of faces to train their AI for better facial recognition with the help of images of more than 40 PwDs.

Toy Seller to IT Analyst

Before landing a job at TCS, Santosh, a visually impaired man, was selling toys at railway stations and over footbridges.

Atypical Celebrations

Divya, a Bharatnatyam Dancer with Down's Syndrome, blew UNDP & Synchrony's employees away with her performances. 

Capturing Moments

Photographers Saurabh & Ajay were hired by Air Liquide & Social Venture Partners for their employee Yoga sessions & Town Hall respectively.

"They accommodated our specific technical needs for our ISL translation project"

Guilherme Gama from Little brown mouse
Guilherme Gama

Manager, Little Brown Mouse- Brazil

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